Guess Which Bay Area Town Ranked The Happiest In The Country

Depending on your NorCal zip code, this news could be exactly what your week needed, or exactly what it didn’t. We hate to say it doesn’t shock us, but local ‘hood Vallejo has been ranked the sixth most miserable city in the country, according to Forbes. And let’s just say this isn’t Vallejo’s first rodeo with Forbes’ most miserable city list. Ouch.
Suggesting that weary Vallejo residents might make the move to greener pastures has never reigned more supreme (well, should they find the funds to do so), especially since their Northern neighbors in Napa have just been deemed the happiest city in the country — according to Twitter. As if living in wine country could ever be anything but, well, spirited, this recent study utilized 10 million tweets that had location data tied to 373 cities around the country, and categorized words as either happy or sad to ultimately judge how upbeat — or bummed out — a city was.
While we know we’ve sent out many a happy tweet while imbibing the day away in Napa, we have to wonder if all these jolly vibes, er tweets, are somewhat liquid-induced confessions. (Vallejo Times Herald)
Photo: Via Napa Valley

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