Editor Of Cute Animals Might Be The Best Job Description Ever

Sorry, Refinery29, it's been good, but we may have to leave. You see, we found the best job position that may have ever existed: the Buzzfeed animal editor. Buzzfeed, purveyor of the most delicious nuggets of viral info on the Internet, is hiring an associate animals editor. Just to be clear: an associate animals editor. Which means several things: There must be a senior animals editor and, holy moly, there is a such thing as an animals editor. And who said our crazy liberal arts degrees were worth nothing?
We could comment extensively, but we'll let the description speak for itself:
"Do you love the Internet, cute animals, and especially cats, and live in the New York area? Do you spend an unhealthy amount of time in your Tumblr dashboard? Were you into adorable sloths and hedgehogs way before they got played out on the Internet? And do you spot the best & funniest videos and images hours, days or weeks before most of your friends? OK, good. Because BuzzFeed's glorious Animals section is looking for an associate editor to make awesome posts about cute animals."
Wait, we love the internet. And we definitely love cats and dogs. We might be perfect!
(Just kidding, readers. We love it at Refinery29. We're sorry...it was a joke. Don't let us go! (Jobscore)
Photo: Courtesy of Buzzfeed

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