Missed Connections, Connected: This Map Has Every State Pegged

It's hard to be an Internet addict without spending time browsing other people's coulda-been love-affairs on Craigslist's Missed Connections section. And if that sounds like your cup of voyeuristic tea, then you'll probably want to hang this map on your wall.
Based on carefully compiled data, this study shows where the country is "almost finding love." Apparently, down South, the place to go if you're looking for an almost-date is Walmart, while Middle America tends to stick to the supermarket. Not surprisingly, NYC is all about the subway (same with D.C. and the metro). But, the most bewildering entries are Rhode Island (parking lots), Georgia (the car), and Indiana (at home — which is particularly heartbreaking).
In fact, some people are calling this the saddest map in the world, but moreso, it's just fascinating. Idaho was the most traditional, with the largest majority of ads featuring heterosexual men-seeking-women, whereas Hawaii had the highest percentage of m4m ads at 46%. Our favorite part is probably the fact that most 20-somethings found love at first sight in ice cream shops, which makes us feel as if we've been dropped into a scene from Grease.
Image: Dorothy Gambrell/via Psychology Today; Opener Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

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