Sneak Peek! 7x7's Stunning Chinatown Spread From Its New Fashion Issue!

You can say we have some pretty lofty bragging rights here in S.F. — along with the city’s impressive attributes, it boasts one of the most expansive Chinatowns in the U.S. Not too shabby, right? And another local treasure, 7x7 magazine, has centered in on the enclave for its March 2013 spring-fashion issue, truly flaunting the colorful hub in an awe-inspiring and stylish manner.
The hue-soaked feature (styled by fashion director Lauren Goodman and photographed by Nadya Wasylko) highlights the classic San Francisco destination and shows off some undercover gems along the way, too. Of course, all while capturing the luxe details of a gaggle of lust-worthy spring wares.
To hear more about the team's Chinatown adventure, we caught up with Goodman, who spilled the deets on the location, the shoot, and where to score mounds of food for an entire photo crew for under $20! Plus, we have this sneak peek at the cover story, so you can relive it as if you were there yourself.
For more on the issue, which hits newsstands next month, head over to

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