Is This Craigslist Post The Most Hilarious Date Proposal Ever?

Guys, finding a plus-one for wedding season is tough. Sure, all that Wedding Crashers single life stuff seems fun on the silver screen, but, in real life, riding solo to nuptials can be a drag. For those of you with a permanent plus-one to all familial (or friend) functions, congrats, mazel, yada yada — but. just remember, not everyone is blessed in the S.O. department. Take, for example, Dave and Mike. They're two twenty-something NYC bros (literally and figuratively) who decided to do something a little drastic and totally creative to find the perfect wedding date — or, to be blunt, any date at all.
Dave and Mike recently posted this Craigslist ad aptly titled "Two Fellas Need Wedding Dates." In order to avoid the awkward "does this mean we should take this to the next level?" questions that comes with taking a girl you already know, and the scrutiny that comes from showing up dateless (we're looking at you, Grandma!), they're opting to bring perfect strangers to an upcoming Saratoga wedding. The ad details everything potential plus-ones can expect from the evening (open bar, adventure, eccentric bro-to-bro dance moves), as well as all the qualities that make these two dudes awesome (they're dashingly tall, have cool hair, and have seen Love Actually several times).
Interested? Mike and Dave ask that you apply in pairs (twins preferable!), and send pictures, a bio, and maybe even a resumé, and they'll select two lucky finalists. And, don't worry, they assure you they're totally not crazy — just looking to spice things up a notch. (Craigslist)

Photo: Via Craigslist

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