Finally! MObama's Bangs, Explained

Fast cars, a career change, a younger S.O. — these are the typical symptoms of a midlife crisis. But, when you're the first lady, life is anything but typical. So, when Michelle Obama had to face her 49th birthday [Editor's note: Give us your fountain-of-youth secrets, Mich!], she went a slightly different route: She got bangs. That's right, the haircut that Barack so famously loved was a product of good ol' b-day panic.
The FLOTUS revealed the story behind the new 'do in a Skype interview with Rachael Ray. Since the powers that be would never let her sign up for bungee jumping, a new look was the next best thing. What else would we expect from MObama, other than treating a midlife crisis with the utmost class? Here's to a happy and healthy 49, Mrs. O. (Daily Mail)
Photo: Via Daily Mail

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