Uniqlo Gets Twice As Nice, Set To Open Second S.F. Location

We already know that our fair city has an undeniable charm…it’s why we live here, after all. However, it seems San Francisco has the Japanese outlet Uniqlo under an extra-potent love spell, with the mass retailer slated to open a second location on our little 7x7 patch of land!
The kicker? San Francisco is getting two stores, before Los Angeles even gets its first. We were curious to learn just why that is, and luckily Uniqlo's United States CEO Nobuo Domae filled us in via WWD, explaining, “Los Angeles is a huge city and it’s a huge potential…but we haven’t even started considering [that] yet. It’s like a new country.” Ouch, sorry Lala Land!
No word yet on when and where S.F.’s Uniqlo Number Two will open its doors, but we’d bet our bottom dollar it’ll be just as techie and innovative as the first, which, as you'll recall, included line-around-the-block hype when it debuted in October '12. Waiting with bated breath for more new-shop deets? Tide yourself over by taking a gander at the original, super-successful downtown S.F. location in our nifty slideshow. [WWD]

Photo: Via Facebook/Uniqlo

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