WATCH: Target's Tongue-In-Cheek Runway Show, Complete With Junk Food

Oh, Target. You have literally made a tiny, permanent home in our hearts with this one. Some may think Twitter is boring (we're looking at you, Tina Fey), but the collab-happy chain has us tickled with its Tweet-to-Runway fashion show — and quite honestly, potato chips and hot dogs have never looked so chic.
As the latest campaign for the Everyday Collection, the Tweet-to-Runway show features some less-than-glamorous products that normally don't get a whole lot of attention from the runway – or from models, for that matter. In the video, leggy ladies read consumer tweets about the products they're showcasing, and because Target knows the secrets of our souls, the models even read emoticons, hashtags, and any other miscellaneous punctuation that may have been thrown in the mix. A tweet in all caps? You better believe that model is shouting it.
We're all laughing at our desks here at R29, but we're also fighting pangs of jealousy, because the consumers whose tweets were featured in the videos received a $20 Target gift card — and, more importantly, 20 seconds of covetable Internet fame. Blast...our plan for web domination, foiled again. (PSFK)
Image via PSFK

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