Hit Refresh: Is This Juice The Secret To Regaining Your Winter Mojo?

Don't get us wrong, we love the awards season, we really do. The dresses, the drama, the what-the-hell-was-she-thinking of it all — but it strikes us as a little cruel that while Hollywood parades around looking its out-and-out best, for the rest of us, surfacing from under the duvet and scraping a brush through our hair in the morning is about as good as it gets during these gloomy months.
If your winter mojo is at a similarly all-time low, we might just have found something to help. Plenish Cleanse, a new raw juice concept designed to detoxify and energise the body has been brought over to the U.K.
Of course, juice cleansing isn’t exactly new: If feels like just about every actor cops to knocking back the stuff to get in shape for a big role. But, what makes Plenish Cleanse a little different is that it's the first company to use a special hydraulic cold press imported from the United States with all-organic ingredients, with the focus on regaining your glow rather than extreme weight loss.
The programme has been brought across the pond to the U.K. by New Yorker Kara Rosen. On moving to London, Kara found that the juices that were readily available on the other side of the Atlantic were just not available to her in London, so she set about launching Plenish. Instead of juicing using blades, Plenish uses a press, which ensures that every single drop of vitamin goodness is retained in the juice.The hydraulic press system keeps the living enzymes intact, to ensure longer shelf-life. Nice to know, hey? While we tend to sit firmly on the sceptical side of alleged “quick fixes,” we like Plenish's positive long-term approach, with the focus on getting users to feel a little more energised and awesome every morning, rather than shed pounds in the blink of an eye.
There's not a planned cleansing programme, so you can use the juices as a detox cleanse, to enhance your workouts, or simply drink when you can fit them in, to get some more nutrients in your body.
Interested? Visit PlenishCleanse.com for more information.

Photo: Courtesy of Plenish Cleanse

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