Want Some Stock Advice? Ask This Financially Savvy Cat

Because we apparently live in a world where publications can just capriciously throw money into the ether for their own giddy amusement, someone thought to prove that a cat might make a good investment banker.
The Observer's recent experiment decided to pit a couple of savvy investors — four teams, including wealth managers at Seven Investment Management, stockbrokers from Killick & Co, a fund manager, and business students — against Orlando the cat for investment advice. Taking a £5,000 risk, the pros used formulas and experience to pick their portfolios, while Orlando just moved his toy mouse to "chose" his stock choices. Over the year-long experiment (year long, folks), the cat's risky choices paid off, with Orlando favoring an under-performing investment which turned around in Q4 (cats love Q4, obviously). Clearly, the experiment wasn't intended to prove the savviness of kittens, but rather the random nature of investing. But those Wall Street types totally got schooled by an orange tabby. Which, we can all agree, is a win for all. (The Guardian)

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