It’s In The DNA: “Fat Genes” May Cause Obesity, Study Says

It's official. You're not totally to blame for those extra oh-so-stubborn pounds. Instead, friends, weight gain may be just the unfortunate hand nature has dealt you. According to a recent study by UCLA researchers, the way we gain weight is largely dependent on certain strands in our DNA, or "fat genes," as they are not-so-endearingly called.
After surveying 100 mice, which were given high-sugar diets for eight weeks (lucky poor mice), researchers found that while some mice were left unscathed and bloat-free, others experienced a body-fat percentage increase up to 600%. Researchers then identified this cause to a region of genes, some of which overlap with human DNA.
Before you blame everything on what your mama gave ya, remember that a not-so-great diet and low exercise are still the leading causes of weight gain and obesity — but at least you now know why you're still battling those extra pounds while your gym buddy is in the best shape ever. Some people just have all the luck...and the genes. (HuffPost)

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