Clouds, Cats, And Cars: The Year’s Most Instagrammed Photos

If you've ever been on Instagram, you can probably guess with 100% accuracy every single entry on this list of the year's most popular photos — not in terms of likes, but in terms of how many times the very same image has been posted again and again, by different people, all over the world. So, if you've ever felt lonely and isolated by the fact that you and your counterparts on the other side of the planet have nothing in common, take solace in the news that actually, you're both expressing your creativity by taking a picture of a sunset as viewed through an airplane window.
There are a few surprises — freshly-washed cars come in at number five, and breakfast meals are more popular than any other food. Hop on over to The Frisky and see if your account is as formulaic as the rest of the world's, complete with literal shoe-gazing and lipstick closeups. No judgment (we're guilty of much of the same), but maybe this can be some inspiration to branch out a bit in 2013. Unless we all end up branching out in the same direction, which will confirm that yes, in fact, the matrix is real. (The Frisky)

Image via The Frisky.

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