Lena Dunham Reflects on 2012, Doesn't Make Us Feel Uncomfortable

The final days of the year are always a solid time for reflection. And since Lena Dunham is pretty much our unofficial girl crush of 2012, we've turned to her recent Vanity Fair article "12 Things I Learned in 2012 That Are Totally Irrefutable (Unless You Decide To Refute Them)" for some true life lessons.
Though Lena's list really runs the gamut, let's begin by saying this: We were surprised that the creator of such a raw, intimate show like Girls didn't offer us any sex advice. Although, one of her truths is that "it's possible to feel like a creepy, pervy producer even if you are a 26-year-old girl." Not necessarily something we can all apply to the day-to-day, but good to know. And though some of us were heartbroken at Lena's assertion that YOLO king Drake isn't into us "romantically or even sexually," we took solace in the fact that "there's no way to sound smart in People magazine. But you will sound friendly!"
Of course, Lena's list isn't all wit and pop references — there is some depth to her insights. In addition to admitting her father was right about hard work paying off, she has reaffirmed the complicated relationship between self-love and self-loathing, of which, she says, "if utilized correctly, both keep you moving forward." She also confirms our suspicion that "most meetings are about meetings, and if you have too many meetings about meetings you will get a very flu-ish feeling." Preach!
What we enjoy most about this list is that Lena speaks to us as though we, too, will one day be famous, forcing us to rely on her sage wisdom regarding critics and facial appointments with an attentive eye. All in all, she reminds us to keep it real and not to get all Hollywood on your friends — whether you're actually a star or not. (Via Vanity Fair)
Photo: Courtesy of Vanity Fair

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