Guess What David's Buying La Beckham For Christmas...

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If there's one thing more exciting that Christmas, it's surely got to be Becksmas.
Let's take a moment to imagine the Beckham household on December 25: Diamond-embellished Christmas trees decorated with solid-gold stars, parades of gifts handed out by real elves, Victoria and Harper in head-to-toe couture, and a feast of marigolds, swans and hummingbird tongues. Okay, so maybe we're getting them a little confused with the Ancient Romans, but you get our drift.
Which is why we were shocked to find out what David is buying Victoria this Christmas. It's neither a fleet of vintage Rolls Royces, nor a multi-million pound rock. Nope, David is buying his wife some cosy PJs.
According to WWD, the pant-donning football star put in a call to Harrods this week for two sets of pajamas by Olivia von Halle. Of course this being a Beckham Christmas, they aren't your average flannel fare. The Newcastle-born designer creates 100% silk pajamas that are inspired by those worn by Coco Chanel in the '20s, and retail for £330 — and we have to admit that they look pretty awesome.
Fancy a piece of Beckham Christmas? Find out where you can buy Posh's PJs, right here.

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