Yes, Kanye West Wore A Skirt Last Night, But That’s His Thing

Nothing says rap music quite like a man in a pleated leather skirt, right? Since Kanye West is singlehandedly popularizing the S&M kilt, he decided to don his favorite knee-length garment at the much-televised Sandy event last night, bewildering dads everywhere while they were anxiously waiting for Billy Joel's performance.
Yet, the leather skirt, rendered by Yeezy's beloved brand Givenchy, made an appearance at almost every single Watch The Throne show. In fact, we YouTube'd "Watch The Throne" and in the first video, there it is, flapping in all its leathery glory. (Though, tonight's rendition came along with a hoodie by Virgil Abloh's cult streetwear line Pyrex Vision.)
So, if Dad didn't tune out after The Who and was wondering why Mr. West is wearing a dress, just explain to him that it's fashion, and the skirt is kind of Yeezy's thing...and it is Riccardo Tisci, anyways. C'mon Dad. Get with the program.

Photo: Courtesy of Leila Brillson

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