The Supreme Court Will Indeed Address Same-Sex Marriage & Prop. 8

After saying they weren't going to take any cases regarding same-sex marriage and the Defense Of Marriage Act/Proposition 8, the Supreme Court has just announced otherwise: They are indeed going to hear cases on the social issue in this coming term.
Proposition 8 is in review by the country's highest court, according to the SCOTUS blog. It reads: "Prop 8 is granted on the petition question — whether 14th Amendment bars Calif from defining marriage in traditional way. Plus an added question: Whether the backers of prop 8 have standing in the case under Article III."
Spectators have guessed this can mean there might be a ruling as early as June — just in time for Pride. This is the first time SCOTUS has taken on this topic, and the decision to do so is a landmark one that will surely define the discussion of civil rights in this decade and beyond.
28-cityhallweddingsday3-474 Photographed by Winnie Au

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