Next-Level Obsessed: This Souvenir Is Only For Bieber's Most Dedicated Fans

Thinking about saving for your future? Great! Way to be responsibile! Now, here's our suggestion for an investment guaranteed to fund at least one retirement home: dirt. Not just any dirt, but sacred dirt from Stratford, Ontario — hometown of the magical, mystical Justin Bieber.
For the low price of $39.99 (or best offer), you can purchase a lovely decorative jar of dirt from the Biebs' hometown. Buyers be warned: There is no guarantee that Justin Bieber has come in contact with this dirt, endorses this dirt in any way, or is aware that this dirt exists, but think of the joy you'll feel every time you run your fingers through it! Plus, if you can't resell it in 50 years, it will make great filling for your you and your beloved Bieber can really lie together forever.
The one proof that there is hope for this world yet: The seller of this exciting item uses the handle "thatsridonculous." Our thoughts exactly. (Neatorama)

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