This New Invention Takes The Mystery Out Of Twitter

Twitter is a mysterious beast. Topics and hashtags will rise out of the massive, heaving sea of tweets like a gigantic tsunami and dominate the Twitterverse...and then, they're gone as soon as they arrived. Of course, brands and media outlets are dying to get a hold of these trends early to capitalize on the action and appropriately tag their tweets to reach the broadest audience possible. Trouble is, unless there's something obvious like a presidential debate or something going on, Twitter trends are hard to predict.
Or, they were. Two MIT researchers have created an algorithm that can predict Twitter trends up to 90% accuracy around an hour and a half before they happen! Sounds like a pyramid scheme at first, maybe, but this is tried and true. Guys, this is the Minority Report of the digital media world. Prepare yourselves, because the future is officially upon us. (The Verge)
Screen Shot 2012-11-02 at 9.20.04 PM
Image via The Verge.

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