The Easiest Way To Burn Calories, Ever — But No, Really

So, you're in the mood to drop some pounds. Perhaps because you've been sitting in the dark in your apartment eating all the snacks in your kitchen, waiting for the post-hurricane power to come back on? And suddenly taking the stairs just to get outside leaves you winded? Or...maybe that's just us.
But consider this: Why bother exercising when you could just watch movies? No, we're not talking about lame jazzercise videos. We're talking about regular old horror movies. Yeah, you read right: Apparently a good slasher flick can burn off around 200 calories, all from the comfort of your couch!
Before you sprint off to the video store (because that burns more calories than just clicking through your Netflix queue; particularly because we're not sure where the video stores even are anymore), get the details on which flicks can really give you a head start on bikini season: The Shining burns an average of 184 calories, but Jaws and The Exorcist can also get your heart rate going and take care of about 160 a piece. The trick is to go for any movie with startling, jump-off-your-chair surprise moments. Disturbing, subtly creepy David Lynch films? Much less effective. Sure, this might not undo all the damage from the pint of Ben & Jerry's you normally consume during a 2-hour movie, but hey, every little bit helps. (Paste Magazine)

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