Hurricanes Are Making New Yorkers Lonely, Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has brought out the most New York of New Yorkers. Here we are, stuck inside, worrying about our property, trying to salvage electricity...and maybe trying to get some. No, we're not talking about food or shelter, but instead that sweet sweet Sandy lovin'. Yes, it seems like plenty of 212 denizens have turned to Craigslist (of course, always the 'List) to find that special someone/bed-warmer who'll help 'em brave out this storm.
Think about it: Hurricanes have an adrenaline pumping build up, and then you sit and wait while Mother Nature rages outside. While we highly doubt Sandy and Craigslist will help you find the one (though, you never know), we're sure that these 18 love and sex seekers (and circus acts!) will light up your day.
A couple of gems include the dude who is in dire need of a chiropractor and wants nothing more than a massage. Then there's the sort-of-adorable high schooler looking for a cute girl with whom to weather the storm. The best one, hands down, is the opportunistic doomsday predictor: "How about we...collect 2x4s with nails in them to arm ourselves for the post-storm dystopia." Ah, young love. (BuzzFeed)

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