New Weight-Loss Pants Will Have You Sweating Your Booty Off — Literally

Feast your eyes on the latest innovation in crazy, weight-loss technology. Zaggora promises its trademarked HotPants will increase the temperature of target areas — including thighs, bum, and, um, nether regions — and result in a smaller waistline. We're talking literal hot pants.
Flab to fab? When it's that easy, it's probably questionable. But increased body temperatures result in more sweat and, according to Zaggora’s logic, more sweat results in dropping pounds. Thanks to its "Celu-Lite technology fabric lining," the brand claims that infrared rays will make you sweat 80% more. That sweat will supposedly be wicked right off the fabric...presumably into a gross pool at your feet.
Bonus: HotPants are most effective with at least 30 minutes of exercise. So...a pair of pants that make you lose weight, but in order to make them work, you have to exercise for 30 minutes. Why not just start exercising and save yourself the cost of the pants?
If the HotPants theory sounds like solid logic to you, think again. Sweating profusely in a short period of time can reduce the number on the scale because of lost water, but that concentrated dehydration is neither good for you nor will it result in visible long-term weight-loss results. So, sadly, it looks like hot pants may be another disappointing gimmick. We're not sold, are you? (Jezebel)

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Photo: Courtesy of Zaggora

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