This Is Big: A New Song From Two Out Of Five Spice Girls!

Posh may have a successful clothing line and be married to Becks, but she's not the only one with a thriving post-Spice Girls life. Turns out, Melanie C and Emma Bunton, a.k.a. the artists formerly known as Sporty and Baby, have collaborated on a new track for Mel's album Stages.
Anything living in the shadow of the biggest girl band in recent history is going to be a bit of a "Wannabe," and it may not "Viva Forever" (someone stop us while we're ahead...ish), but this track is sure to "Spice Up Your Life." Or at least your morning.
Both ladies give a fair reminder that aside from the crazy outfits and awe-inspiring hype, there were actually some powerful voices behind the Spice Girls. "I Know Him So Well" is a cover of a 1984 pop song/show tune (written by the men of ABBA and Tim Rice), but take a listen to this clip and see if Baby and Sporty can't breathe a bit of new life into it. (Digital Spy)
Image via Digital Spy.

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