Fair Point: Christina Hendricks Is Sick Of Being Called “Full-Figured”

Why is it that the media (ourselves included) is so obsessed with Christina Hendricks' body? Oh right, because it's freaking gorgeous. But still — does that mean it needs to be mentioned in every single article about her? Even if the story isn't centered around Hendricks "flaunting her curves" in a skin-tight dress, you can pretty much guarantee she'll be at one point referred to as "the voluptuous actress" or something to that effect. While it's annoying to us as readers, from time to time, the Mad Men star clearly doesn't need us to stick up for her: when an interviewer from an Australian newspaper mentioned that she has been an "inspiration to full-figured women," Hendricks politely but firmly responded "I think calling me full-figured is just rude."
Way to go, girl. Maybe we're extrapolating a bit on your statement, but still, we think it's an important reminder. At the heart of the now-common public sentiment that people shouldn't be ridiculed because of their weight (be it high or low) is actually an even simpler principle — that we as a society need to turn our focus away from the physical. It's not that nobody should ever mention what a great body she has, but it shouldn't be the main event in every single article about a talented, professional woman who inhabits one of the most interesting characters on television today. Yes, sex appeal is part of Hendricks' role on Mad Men, but the fact of the matter is that achieving that sex appeal takes a lot more than just a great body. (Styleite)
Oh, and by the way, we're loving the bold specs on this bodacious babe generally awesome person.
What do you think, though? Is she (and are we) being oversensitive, here? Or do you see where we're coming from, when it comes to taking a step back from the intense focus on all things physical?

Image via Styleite.

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