Mind-Blowing Video: Pro-Life Nuns Claim Your Birth Control Makes Men Gay

Have you ever wondered why your husband is a gay monkey? It's because of your birth control, of course! No really, you can hear that argument uttered, almost verbatim, in the video below.
Honestly we're used to a fair amount of ridiculous propaganda coming from the pro-life camps, and normally our reactions range from outrage to several minutes of breathless laughter. This time though, we're feeling all those things, plus a healthy dose of bewilderment.
You've really gotta see it to believe it, but here are a few things you should know that might change your life, you misinformed contraceptive-user! First of all, that random statistic people always say about how if everyone in the world lived in Texas it would be the same as New York City or whatever (we've all heard different versions at parties) is actually an extremely scientific anecdote and, despite the fact that it's a completely hypothetical situation, is actually proof that the whole global overpopulation concern is really a myth.
Also, you should know that many, many, many deaths are caused by birth control pills. Actually, maybe all of them. Other side effects? Bestiality, homosexuality (oh noes!), and everything else bad that ever happens. If you can't make it through the ten-plus minutes of this video, we suggest you just tune in at about 9:00 for a very, very unexpected reference to a popular '90s jam. (Jezebel)

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