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Video Confirmation: Les Mis, The Movie, WILL Make You Cry

Movie musicals are a hard note to hit (pun intended). More so than any other genre, the cheese factor is always looming on the horizon, threatening to ruin the entire experience. So, we were understandably shaking in fear when we heard Les Misérables was getting the big-screen treatment — but now that fear has been replaced by equally trembling anticipation (the film comes out this December). This first-look video includes interviews, clips, and, most of all, the amazing news that all the vocals are being recorded live. This is a first for on-screen musicals, and all the actors are incredibly positive about the experience, though it's no surprise they unanimously prefer this to miming along to a pre-recorded soundtrack.
There's really no point in commenting on this video, not in the least because we're still too emotional to think straight. Watch the video, but do yourself a favor and grab a box of kleenex first!

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