New Lady Gaga Song Leaks...Is This A Joke? It Must Be A Joke

The queen of leaks is at it again. Lady Gaga's new track just hit the Internet long before its official release date. We're not sure if this is real — it's definitely Gaga...but it might be a joke.
It's called "Cake Like Lady Gaga (Burqa Swag)." What does it mean to "cake like Gaga?" Does it mean your cake is made of meats and has raccoon tails dangling from it? Or, that every year on your birthday, you like to nap at a fancy party while your friends poke and prod you?
The song is certainly made by her producer DJ White Shadow and appears to be some sort of contest hosted by the beat-maker and another Gaga pal, her makeup artist Tara Savelo. Tara and White Shadow gave Little Monsters one hour to rap over a beat, and then, the winner, or "winner," was released. Suspiciously, they have asked for their name to not be announced, and suspiciously, the pitched-down vocals sound exactly like Gaga.
We've heard tell of Gaga channeling her inner hippie in Amsterdam, and we dig her silly long as it's a joke. And, of course, we're not even going to touch Burqa Swag. (ONTD)
Photo: Lady Gaga/

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