This Coulda-Been Audition Vid Will Make Titanic Fans Shake In Fear

We hate to be dictators, but Titanic is the best, and we will not be accepting any other opinions today, so don't even bother. That said, this video of Kate Winslet's original screen test is proof that things could have gone horribly, horribly wrong. If you're getting psyched to see Leo's first try as Jack, you're going to be disappointed — he's nowhere to be found, because in this early take, Jeremy Sisto is reading for the role.
Actually, we love his other work. He was a perfect fit for Elton in Clueless and Billy on Six Feet Under. But this role was clearly not right for him, and maybe that's just because Leo is almost too perfect for it. Although we have to give some of the credit to the seriously unpolished dialogue (not that it was all that great in the final version, mind you), this is downright freaky. If time had slightly dampened our unending enthusiasm and appreciation for DiCaprio's performance, let it be known that a glimpse of what could have been is more than enough to have us reopening our closet shrines. Watch at your own risk.

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