Watch: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Charm You To Death

Something new to add to our Professional JGL Stalker Handbook: He loves Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Alphaville, Redwood trees, The Matrix, and the word "democratization." Everyone's favorite guy just made our day in an interview on Rainn Wilson's awesome YouTube channel, SoulPancake, in which he has his nose powdered while he discusses his favorite things and his startup hitRECord.
While we're as starry-eyed and fuzzy-brained about the whole JGL package as the next girl, we're actually really impressed with what he has to say about that aforementioned creative project. Startup is almost a four-letter word these days — some make it and others just don't get the lucky shot they deserve, but tons are just bad ideas that should never have happened.
That said, this project is pretty interesting. Rather than condemning the modern culture of remixes, remakes, and adaptations, Joseph Gordon-Levitt sees an opportunity for creative collaboration. As he so smartly puts it, "all of us are completely unique people, and so anything that you say or do is original in that it's unique to you, and no one's ever said it like you said it...but in another way, you're a combination of what you've heard."
Nothing not to love here. The arms. The smile. The brain. Rainn Wilson. Do yourself a solid and watch this — we dare you not to melt just a little bit.

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