Lady Gaga (Sort Of) Shaved Her Head For Terry Richardson

Leave it to Lady Gaga to shake things up just as we were thinking the whole partially shaved-head thing was no longer edgy. She tweeted two photos revealing a precise, bald triangle in the back of her head and the usual top bun from the front.
Though she's known for her many, and increasingly crazy, wardrobe changes, her hair is usually more or less the same — blonde, shiny, and glam to the point of being Barbie-like. So, while we're growing numb to her wild outfits, this actually came as quite a shock. A quick read through the comments on the LittleMonsters post reveals a bittersweet backstory. It turns out Gaga shaved it off to honor photographer Terry Richardson's mother, who passed away this week. We don't always associate heartwarming stories of support and friendship with Terry, who's had his fair share of scandal, but this is an exception. Our condolences, and may she rest in peace.
What does this mean for the phrase "business in the front, party in the back"? Gaga in the front, baldie in the back? There's gotta be a catchphrase here somewhere...give us a hand, guys.

Image via Lady Gaga's Twitter.

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