Those Creepy Bic For Her Pens Now Have Creepy Ads

Don’t you just hate it when there are only black and blue pens laying around, and you just can’t seem to locate your handy for-girls-only pen? Bic feels for you. The mega-stationery company has found the solution to how un-gendered your favorite writing utensils are. The Cristal For Her pens feature pink- and purple-tinted barrels that are now thinner “for a better handling for women,” according to Bic’s website.
The weird choice to make pens a "feminine" thing for us weak-wristed members of the fairer sex wasn't lost on us or a bunch of pointed commenters, and neither is this totally bizarre ad where an anthropomorphized Bic logo saves the day and wins the girl. The commercial’s ending tagline (“With its fabulous styling and smooth writing, Bic For Her is the only choice”) solely recognizes young girls who flip over curly designs and the color pink, because (duh) that's what all girls like. Sure, women like pink pens, but, obviously, we shouldn't be defined by feminine hues. Hopefully, Bic can recognize that soon, so we can continue painting our nails, drooling over Ryan Gosling, and hoping a man can save the day. (Huffington Post)

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