It's Official: Amber Rose And Wiz Are Makin' A Baby!

Well, if it isn't the coolest couple on earth — Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa! The pair strutted around the red carpet together at the VMAs this evening — she in a sheer lace dress and he in an all black suit. And boy, do they have reason to strut: the rumors are confirmed and a baby is officially on the way! They even did a red-carpet belly rub to prove it.
The betrothed stars have been denying the rumors for a while now, and Khalifa said on a recent radio talk show that while Amber would one day have his baby, it was not the time to "go crazy" just yet. So, we'll consider this the official go-ahead. Everybody FREAK OUT! (RapFix)
Image: via RapFix.

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