Lana Del Rey Strips Way Down For GQ Cover

Screen Shot 2012-09-05 at 11.30.02 PM
Ever since we saw that gorgeous dye job last night, we're seeing Lana Del Rey in a whole new light. Now, she's posing in nothing but diamonds on the cover of GQ (she is the mag's Woman of the Year, after all!) and looking better than ever.
For whatever reason, we — like so many others — have come to think of LDR as a great musician but also as an over-injected, over-Photoshopped doll when she gets off stage. Clearly we need to re-think things. We're not going to make the bold claim that zero Photoshop went into this cover, but we do feel we've glimpsed a slightly more real side of her. Sure, she's still all shiny glam and glitz, but something about that facial expression and the soft, realistic curves make her seem all the more human (albeit a particularly beautiful member of the species). We always said she had a knack for modeling.
See more at GQ, then, tell us: What do you think of Lana's new look? Would you like to see a more natural side?

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