Festival Feet: The Worst Thing To Happen To Shoes In...Ever

Ladies and gentlemen, consider this a formal goodbye. The apocalypse is officially upon us. How do we know? Because of what you're about to read here. Festival Feet is an actual product available for sale. In case that's unclear, we mean that someone is requesting money in exchange for this item.
The maker has its heart in the right place: trying to help music festivalgoers from ruining their perfectly distressed shoes by offering a waterproof, mud-proof protective solution. Said solution is made in the image of Converse Chucks, because that's what most people are wearing anyways. Where did things go wrong? We're guessing somewhere around the moment when the designers of this curious product decided a wrinkly garbage bag that formerly housed an elephant's hoof was the appropriate medium through which to execute their dream. (MTV Style)
We're not even going to ask if you would wear these — unless of course, your answer to that question is yes, in which case, you are either hilarious or in need of immediate medical attention.
Photo: Courtesy of Spinning Hat.

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