No Sweat! Here’s Hillary Clinton’s Miraculous Secret To Staying Sheen-Free

In the past few years, we've learned a lot about what the Secretary of State can do — aside from advising the president on everything foreign policy-related, she also dances, drinks, texts, and cracks jokes.
But, in a new Conde Nast Traveler article, we learn something she can't do — sweat. That's right, the former First Lady and senator simply doesn't get dewy. From writer Kevin Doyle, who spent nine days on the road with Hillz: "She does not even glow. No matter how high the heat, not a drop nor a drip nor a bead nor so much as the faintest glisten can be detected anywhere about her person." Want to know how that cool-calm-collected vibe works in her favor? Head to Huffington Post to read the full story.

Photo: Via Huffington Post


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