A $999 Mockingjay Pin Will Prove You're The Biggest Hunger Gamer Around

Refinery29 loves The Hunger Games. We love kick-ass Katniss, we covet her braid, and we think the books are imaginative, empowering, and admirable. But there is something a little District 1 about paying $999 dollars for Katniss' Mockingjay pin. [Spoiler alert: In the books, the Mockingjay appears on the humblest of canvases, like a piece of bread.] Yet, collectors are collectors, and on August 18, to celebrate the DVD release, these special-edition items will be on sale at Target.com.
katniss_jacket too Capitol for you?
Photos: Courtesy of Kaplow PR
To be fair, the pin in question is the most expensive of the items for sale and is made of solid gold. Other collectibles include signed lithographs from the cast (at $699) and a leather hunting jacket replica weighing in at $399. (Which isn't bad for a new leather jacket, right?)
So, what do you think? Would these special items enrich your visit to Panem, or do these prices feel a little too Capitol for you?
Photos: Courtesy of Kaplow PR

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