Let’s Hear It For The Boys! Hilarious Vid Pokes Fun At HBO’s Girls

It was only a matter of time before a Girls parody titled Boys made an appearance. (Heck, it shocks us that a version about squirrels beat them to it!) Written and directed by "Bear Blitzer" (the fictional offspring of Wolf) and set in L.A., the trailer is the perfect way to fill your Girls-void before season two begins.
Bear isn't the only mock famous spawn to star in the vid. Daniel Craig's "son," Craig Craig, claims his tantric sexual-massage technics qualify him for a coffee-house gig (as does his resume — a photo of David Beckham). Then there's Pat Benatar's faux offspring, the roommate and buttoned-up voice of reason (hello, Marnie!). Rounding out the foursome is John Patrick Shanley's "son," a spot-on, virgin Shosh-type character with killer deadpan banter.
The hilarious three-minute clip hits all the same notes its sister series focuses on: relationships, money, and the woes of being a well-off twentysomething post-graduation. One thing this short's missing, however, is an actor with a wardrobe as wacky as Jessa's. Any recommendations for that role, list 'em in the comments. (YouTube)

Photo: Via YouTube


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