CONFIRMED: The Spice Girls Are Closing The Olympics

UPDATE: Are you ready to spice up your life? Can you not wait for two to become one? Does friendship never end? If you answered yes to all of these questions (and of course you did), you'll be pleased to know that the Girls of Spice will definitely be closing out the 2012 Olympics in London. (Vogue UK)
We can hardly believe our eyes, but the internet is telling us that Victoria Beckham agreed that a Spice Girls special performance at the London Olympics closing ceremonies would be totally, insanely, out-of-this-world amazing in a radio interview yesterday. Nothing's been confirmed yet, and basically all she said was that she's "up for something," but we're still pulling our lucite platforms out of storage (because we really needed a reason).
On the subject of a special closing ceremony show, Posh told the lucky interviewer that she "would love nothing more. It would be great. I don’t know about a comeback tour but I loved being back with the girls. If they’re up for something, then I certainly am." Sounds good to us. We can't think of anything more quintessentially British to top off the Olympics, unless they're going to get a bunch of teacups and crumpets to sing "Wannabe." Girls, can you hear us? Please, please say yes! (Grazia UK)
Image via Vogue UK.

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