Marissa Mayer Leaves Google For Yahoo, Reveals She's Pregnant

Just when we thought Yahoo was officially past the point of no return, a monumental Monday mash-up has steered our thoughts in a different direction completely. In a move that’s shaking up Silicon Valley left and right, much-lauded Google exec Marissa Mayer is peacing out of the Mountain View offices and jumping ship to a lofty new CEO position at Yahoo. Yep, the woman that helped bring us the search homepage, Google Images, Gmail, and Google News during her heyday is now bidding the tech giant adieu. Perhaps she'll bring her expert chops to revive the sinking, search-engine ship. Looks like Yahoo has hit the "I'm feeling lucky button," eh? (NY Times)
Edit: They must be feeling extra lucky, because on the same day of her move, Mayer also announced that she is expecting — and is far enough along to know that the baby will be a boy. Congrats to Mayer, who hasn't just challenged stereotypes of women in the tech world, but also is aiming to prove that accomplished, high-powered women can raise families while making big moves. (NY Mag)
Photo: Via NY Times

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