The New York Times Wants You To Buy $200 Tweezers

It might be true that what fashion editors peddle during the holidays might be disconnected from what the average consumer wants ("You're telling me that not everyone wants a pair of body-hugging sweater shorts?"), so we always take gift guides with a grain of salt. However, we might need a whole canister's worth to take with this NYT recommendation. Covered in Swarovski crystals with a heart-of-palm shaped stand, and made in a precision-slant steel, these $200 tweezers are something like a White Elephant gift for the 1%. "This isn’t the first time the company has gussied up its bathroom basic, […] but it’s certainly the most sparkly. Somehow plucking strays under a mirror not your own feels less awkward when your tweezer is as stylish as your outfit." Why isn't the mirror your own? What outfit do you have on exactly? NYT, are you feeling okay? (NYT)
Photo: Via NYT

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