The Mystery’s Over: How To Navigate A Bathroom While Wearing A Romper

It has recently come to our attention that romper-interested women of the world are timid about wearing these heat-beating closet staples when they know they'll be forced to relieve themselves in a public bathroom. Also, dudes! Dudes are completely flabbergasted as to how women can be digesting, metabolizing beings while wearing a onesie. We'd like to clear this riddle up once and for all. Read below for our step-by-step instructions on how to take care of your business.
Caveats: This might tack on an additional 10 seconds to your restroom time. Proceed only if this is not a big deal.
Step 1: You're in the bathroom, right? Okay, good. Make sure the door is locked.
Step 2: Take off your romper
Step 3: Whoops, you're naked!
Step 4: Laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Text your friend that you're naked in a bathroom.
Step 5: You know how you hold onto your shorts or skirt so it never touches the floor? Yeah, do that, but with your romper.
Step 6: This next step is important: Pee.
Step 7: Put your romper back on.
Step 8: Continue living your life, confident that you can still successfully accomplish adult things (like going to the bathroom without assistance) while wearing a playsuit.

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