Got An Ugly Bridesmaid Dress? Trade It In For Something Wearable

If tired rom-com 27 Dresses was any indication, keeping your bridesmaid dresses, be they well-loved or not, can really take up some precious closet--and psychological--space. Enter NewlyMaid, a young NYC company who will take your used, unblemished fancy-time dresses in exchange for a discount on a new dress from their site. The dresses, all black and available in sizes 0-18, are mostly the antithesis of gaudy bridesmaid gear--think a slouchy jersey number and an understated lacy shift--with just a few sparkly pieces snuck in. Sent-in fancy dresses, after company approval, will either be recycled into new fabric (the polyester ones) or donated to charity. The price after trade-in is in the high-$90 range which seems a little pricey even if the "retail" price is over $150. But hey— if you're packing as many bridesmaid dresses as poor glutton-for-punishment Jane/Katherine Heigl, you should probably befriend NewlyMaid, STAT.

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