Pull-On Denim: Another Way To Completely Avoid Wearing Real Jeans

They're jeans that look like jeans, but slip on like leggings, but are made of denim, but act like Spanx, and are comfortable enough to sleep in... There's a new pair of pants in town that relieves ladies of the exhaustion that comes with using a zipper. Pull-On Denim (POD for short) was developed by Beija-Flor, a Brazilian company who have made many denim-distressed women and their button-bored daughters very happy. The stretchy waistband allows ladies to slip into the jeans while the front panel of the pant supposedly acts as a tummy tucker. The POD relieves any worrying about that pesky "button bump," which we didn't really even know was an issue. Jeggings are so 2010.

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