A High-End Fashion Glossy From a 15 Year Old Fashion Prodigy

Is it just us, or are child prodigies taking over? Just when we'd almost built up enough courage to take on Tavi, GQ magazine rolled out a profile of America's most stylish 8-year old, Arlo Weiner. Next thing you know they'll be starting their own magazine. Well, leave it to 15-year old New York native Kristin Prim to succeed where media magnates have failed miserably...in print. Sure, she can't legally drive, vote, smoke, gamble or drink. But while you're busy doing all those things, she's been creating and editing Prim, a high-style glossy that's decidedly grown up. Maybe it's the editorials filled with Proenza and Stella (who are her press contacts?) or the layout that looks like a love child between POP and Nylon, but something tells us this high-schooler doesn't spend her spare time hanging out at the mall. And check out that precocious taste in music! We're too busy being impressed to feel pathetic for wasting our precious youth doing things like geometry homework.


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