These Romantic Comedies Actually Make You Believe In True Love

Rom-coms! Sure, they can be cheesy and overly optimistic, presenting a rose-colored view of the world that couldn’t exist even if TSA didn’t require full-body scans before you can race after the love of your life, who’s getting on a flight to Guam. Also, why are you racing after her, buddy? She’s only going for a week. Have you tried an apology text with a cute emoji? It often does the trick. Everyone sure is overly dramatic in those Kate Hudson movies.
Every so often, though, a romantic comedy comes along that makes you suspend disbelief long enough to fall in love with the characters falling in love on screen. You get caught up in their courtship and swept away in the ongoing question of will they or won’t they get together. Usually, they’re going to, but the best romantic comedies come up with clever ways to prolong the inevitable union.
And hey, who doesn’t love a little escapism every so often? You can lose yourself in a world where two people are simply destined to be with one another. Mindy Kaling is a huge fan — and so are we. So the next time you need a cheeky, charming dose of romance and comedy, cue up one of these flicks. They’ll warm your heart and make you believe.

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