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Zurich’s Art Scene Is Being Driven Forward By Women – And We’re Here For It.

It's no secret that the creative world has focused its attention on male artists and creatives, dominating the scene even when women were never any less talented. Female artists are almost entirely absent from historic art collections; their work goes for much less commercially and they are still massively underrepresented in contemporary art institutions. 
But not everywhere in the world. Switzerland comes as a shining example of change within the scene, after  ambitious artists and art connoisseurs have taken more and more higher positions in the industry and pushing a more inclusive agenda. Now, woman are as influential as they’ve never been before in the Swiss art world; never before have they had more opportunities to showcase their art. In Swiss universities, women also make up ¾ of the art students. Very promising, right?
Let's look around the Swiss metropolis to see how stunning this looks like. For this, we met up with Nadja Stäubli, a designer and label founder who’s been running her shop Schoenstaub for ten years. She tells us how the industry has changed in her eyes, what inspires her, and which female-led places we should definitely take a closer look at. Will you make it through the video without desperately wanting one of her famous rugs? Probably not. Will you resist the urge to book a city trip to Zurich? Probably not, either. We can’t blame you.