7 Real People On Which Signs Are The Best (& Worst) Friends

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
If you think the tangled web of astrological compatibility ends at romantic relationships, we have some (possibly bad) news for you. Every theory about love has an equivalent for platonic relationships. Some compatibility fanatics go so far as to use synastry to gauge their friendship potential with another person. The problem with these theories is that that's all they are.
In other words, we're not here to tell you that there's a perfect pattern to follow to find your perfect squad. This is murky territory that even some of the most experienced astrologers won't go near. But that doesn't mean we can't speculate on who in the Zodiac may be more frenemy than friend. As we already know, just about every astrological enthusiast has their own, personal set of compatibility rules, anyway.
We asked the R29 community to share their honest opinions of the signs with us, no matter how brutal, and, from naming members of their own sign to flat-out calling another sign "too sensitive," they did not disappoint. Read on to learn how people really feel about your sign — and share your own friendship theories in the comments.

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