The Brilliant Women's Sport Podcasts You'll Need This Summer

Photo via @nikelondon
I’ve always found sport chat a bit intimidating. As much as I enjoy watching it socially (ahem, in the pub), I wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation about football beyond name dropping a few players, nor could I engage in one about tennis if it went further than a fleeting reference to Serena Williams’ last game. But speaking for my fellow fair-weather fans with an appetite for something more, our interest is only going to grow over the next few months. As the world settles in for a summer of incredible sport, now is as good a time as any to get to know it a bit better.
Podcasts are your entryway, mates. With women’s sport increasingly high on the wider agenda, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite podcasts which focus on just that. Looking for an accessible overview of the women’s football world cup? How about a snappy commentary on the buzzing netball scene from the people who know it best? We’ve got you covered. Click through for a brief introduction to some of the most knowledgeable (and entertaining, don’t worry) women talking about sport at the moment. Download, subscribe, and buckle up for a journey through some of the most exciting talking points of summer 2019.

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