What Famous Brides Are Using As Their "Something Blue"

There are a number of traditions associated with the wedding experience: The exchange of vows, the "first kiss" that follows, and the tossing of cheerful confetti over the happy couple, to name a few. Of all the nuptial-related beliefs out there, "‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" is one of the most widely-known, and yet, no one seems to know where this random adage came from.
As it turns out, the rhyming phrase originated from the superstitious Victorian times, where the presence of all four things is believed to bring good fortune to the bride on her big day. She's expected to carry an old item that symbolises her past, a new item that represents the exciting promise of the future, the borrowed item from another happily-married wife is mean as a metaphor for borrowed bliss, while the blue item — typically a garter — stood for purity and fidelity. The Old English rhyme concluded with "a silver sixpence" — a coin widely believed to bring luck — in the bride's shoe, but this custom has all but died out now.
As for the celebrity brides of our time? Well, they are not all like us. Many of them forwent the blue garter when they got hitched, and instead found creative ways to modernise the tradition. Click on for six of the most inspiring ideas — courtesy of Beyoncé, Chrissy Teigen, and more — to incorporate the colour on your big day.

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