I Tried Making My Own Wedding Ring & This Is How It Turned Out

With my wedding coming up in September, I've become increasingly interested in all things bridal – particularly bridal jewellery. Not too long ago, I had the unique opportunity to visit Catbird's jewellery studio in Brooklyn, New York for an episode of "Lucie for Hire." After being invited onto a buzzing factory floor flooded with natural light and mostly young women all hammering, laser welding, and polishing their way to stunning, hand-crafted pieces, I knew that I wanted to get behind a bench of my own and try out the craft.
I first watched one of their talent jewellery makers assemble an engagement ring from start to finish. It was their Violette the Swan ring -- a piece made with 100% recycled diamonds reclaimed from jewellery that was waiting for a second life.
After watching the assembly process (and marvelling at the intense precision that goes into it all), one of their jewellery makers, Sasha, put me to the test and showed me how to make their Snow Queen Ring. A few weeks ago I began the process of designing my own wedding band, but realising that I didn't yet know what I was going to wear on my right hand on my wedding day, I thought, "How special would it be to wear a ring on my wedding day that I made myself?"
Seven tiny diamonds, a few lasers fired to the finger, and many (MANY) hours later, I emerged with black fingers and a gorgeous diamond ring that I plan to keep for the rest of my life (and wear on my special day in September!). Check out our video below and let me know what other jobs you'd like to see me try on "Lucie for Hire."
appearance by Lucie Fink.

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