Got A London Business Impacted By The Pandemic? We’ve Got Free Ad Space

Designed by Anna Jay.
After months of uncertainty and struggle for small businesses, we want to help you get your name out there and support however we can. The struggle and uncertainty has been particularly acute for women: we already know that coronavirus has hit young women's finances the hardest and that women are statistically more likely to work part-time or have childcare duties. All this comes together to limit the time and resources of female business owners, reduce their applications for funding, and be more dramatically impacted by the economic effects of COVID-19.
That's why, as part of VICE Media Group, we're introducing a new initiative (Locals Only) offering local, small businesses in London free advertising space across our site.
Locals Only aims to support your small business that has been affected by COVID-19, by letting local audiences know they can support these businesses in their area during these tumultuous times.
Whether you're promoting a delivery service or click and collect, gift cards or online shopping, small businesses based in London will be able to read our audience with your own tailored message.

So, How Does It Work?

First thing's first, tell us about your business: Visit the Locals Only interface and enter your small business name, social handles, website, location for targeting (for Refinery29 UK targeting that should be London), as well as how your business has been affected by COVID-19.
Then, build your advertisement: Upload your logo, visuals, links, and any messaging.
Finally, submit your advertisement: Submit final contact and company information. Upon approval, an email will notify the owner. The advertisement will then be added to the geo-targeted local rotation and uploaded to VICE Media Group’s owned and operated websites.

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